Information Security Policy

The company's mission is to help build an environment in which workers can work confidently. In carrying out our corporate activities in line with our mission, we utilize information specific to our company and collect information from customers. Recognizing that protecting these information assets from external threats and appropriately handling them are important management issues, we declare the following basic policies.


We recognize that personal information acquired by our clients is strictly confidential and will act in full accordance of the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws by adhering to protect and prevent; leakage, alterations, and destruction of information acquired.


We will ensure that employees throughout the company, including management, are aware of the importance of information security, and ensure that information and information systems are properly used.


We will ensure to maintain internal rules and compliance for not only personal information but also all information assets/identity. We will actively review internal processing for best practices and promote best practice on personal assets/identity.


In order to check and evaluate compliance with the security policy, we will establish and operate an organizational structure and conduct internal audits from an objective perspective in an effort to ensure security and improve the information security management system.


When entering into a business consignment contract, we will fully evaluate the eligibility as a business consignee and request to maintain a security level equal to or higher than ours. In addition, in order to ensure that these security levels are properly maintained, we will continuously review outsourcing partners and work to strengthen contracts.



March 18, 2018
CEO Asamitsu Kosugi