Business tie-up and joint seminar of more than 10,000 introduced companies IEYASU and ADVASA

ADVASA, a Fintech venture company, held a joint seminar with time management system company IEYASU, which is engaged in API cooperation.

Thursday, October 11, 2018 14:00-16:30 (Opening day: 13:30)
Aim at the company's way of working reform. In recent years, the salary equivalent and the occasional payment system, which increases in recent years, and the IEYASU usage seminar.

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【Part 1: Efficient use of IEYASU】

We introduce "setting method of work division" and "overtime work alert function" including other companies' cases.
If you have not used IEYASU yet, we will prepare the contents that will be useful for those already using it

Speaker: IEYASU Representative Director Hiroki Kawashima

【Part 2: With the effect of the occasional payment system increasing in recent years】

The number of job application applications and retention rate increase at no cost!
It is the guidance of "the equivalent amount of salary, equivalent amount of salary, occasional payment system".
Initial cost and operation cost can be introduced without any burden.

In the case of sudden expenses, it is a benefit system that you can receive funds at any time up to the amount prescribed by the company, within the range of the equivalent amount of salary that you worked.

Why is the number of adopters increasing rapidly?
Why does it lead to increased recruitment and retention rates?
I will talk about the labor market and other companies' cases.

Speaker: ADVASA Representative Director Shunsuke Kubota

【Part 3: questions and answers & individual consultation】

We will answer questions from everyone, such as "How to set IEYASU" and "About a pay-as-you-go system and pay-as-you-go system".
After that, in the individual consultation, I will explain the specific setting method etc. using a PC.